About Us
Judith Berliner

The story of Full Circle Press begins over 60 years ago with Harold Berliner, a print craftsman of the highest order, and continues through today with Judith Berliner, Harold’s daughter, and her Full Circle Press team of like-minded professionals in Nevada City, California.

As the fourth of eight children, Judith's job was to run the hand-fed Chandler + Price printing press. She moved up to keyboarding on a monotype keyboard, and ran limited-edition letterpress books on a large cylinder press. After working for twelve years as the only woman in the shop, she returned to her hometown of Nevada City in 1991 and started Full Circle Press.

Full Circle is a coveted partner with the hottest graphic design firms and leading corporations all over the United States, producing a variety of commercial materials, ranging from broadsides, postcards & menus, to signs, announcements, letterhead systems and print collateral.

At the same time, we are proud to supply brides-to-be and event planners & celebrating families with wedding invitations, birth announcements, anniversary cards, and much more.

Full Circle Press will be 21 years in 2012.